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Hi, I'm Aishah!

Aishah Nyeta

I am a graduate with two degrees, one in Fine Arts and the other in Climate Change. Currently, I am working on social justice advocacy, and I'd love to be where I can make an impact in the World, so I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I want to help racialized, climate-vulnerable, and ASD people like me.

Social Media Advocacy

I currently use my voice on social media to help people understand Autism better and help people accept themselves and late-diagnosed AFAB individuals. Climate advocacy is a vital part of my social justice work. I am constantly finding myself at exciting intersections; intersections of race, invisible disability, womanhood, science vs. art, class, and privilege.

I don't see my work on social media as influencing for several reasons; who am I to believe I can "influence" those with free will? It's giving evil. What I am doing has a higher vibration than control and power; it is all about authenticity and vulnerability; when we can achieve this with ourselves as Autistic people, we can achieve this with others. 

Creative Connection

I am a multidisciplinary justice seeker with a background in fine arts, performing arts, climate change, the FEW nexus (food energy water), and photography. This website is a snapshot of my work and how I can offer my talents and philosophies to help your organization or business while maintaining integrity at the core of everything I do.

Pictured here are some of my graphic work for my personal Instagram @aishah_nyeta that you can find a link to on the last page of this website.

Please note that these graphics are original and take time to research and create.

Climate Work

I have been doing climate work from the age of 17 when I first studied the topic at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. My work has taken me around the world and back, which has only made me more passionate about advocating for the greater good.

Talking about climate change is nearly impossible without feeling overwhelmed and helpless. That is why it is vital to include mental health whenever possible while advocating. Luckily I have the privilege of serving as a Gen-Z climate advisor for the Climate Mental Health Network (CMHN). Making sure we have a healthy planet is essential, but so are all beings that inhabit it. Let's all make sure we take care of ourselves in this fight for justice.

Creative Work

Being professionally trained in musical theater gives me a creative edge in all I do, including modeling, singing, creative directing, and designing. All of the work you find on my Instagram is designed by me; in storytelling, it is vital to use sensory resources to say what you need to. That is why you will constantly see me playing with texture.

If you are looking for an Autistic actress, model, or creative for any of your projects, look no further because I can do it all! 

Race & Invisible Disability

What is just beneath the surface and the surface of a person are more deeply intertwined than you may think. Skin and bone aren't what make up a complete human being; they are the personality, integrity, neurology, aura, and spirit.

When I think of my skin and culture, I think of innovation, bravery, and style.

When I think of my Autism, I think of innovation, bravery, and style.

But as humans, we realize that both of those experiences go far deeper than what we first think of when thinking about these identities also want to challenge my community to think intersectionally with anything I share. 

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